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This Five Year Action Plan was developed by the Nashua River Watershed Association (NRWA) and the former Massachusetts Watershed Initiative Nashua Team with broad community assistance.

Four team members served as a Steering Committee for the project: JoAnne Carr, Massachusetts Watershed Initiative Nashua Team Leader; Elizabeth Ainsley Campbell, NRWA Executive Director; Al Futterman, NRWA Land Programs and Outreach Director; and Liz Kotowski, Regional Planner for the Department of Environmental Protection's Central Regional Office. On the Steering Committee, Al Futterman played an essential role in collecting and analyzing assessment information, preparing sub-basin profiles, assuring community input, and coordinating the production of the Plan.

Watershed perspectives were prepared for the Five Year Action Plan by Aisling Eglington, Jim French, Martha Morgan, Heidi Roddis, Chris Rodstrum, Sally Soule, and Marion Stoddart. Technical assistance was provided by Jody Roberston-Schramm of Acapella Studios, Inc. for the design and construction of the CD-ROM.

Cindy DelPapa of the Riverways Program at the MA Department of Fisheries, Wildlife & Environmental Law Enforcement provided most of the Glossary.

Photographs were contributed by many area residents, including: Jeff Collins, Dave Dunn, Al Futterman, Betsy Hahn, Barbara Kimball, Kris Kvenvold, Ron McAdow, Michael O'Hara, Mike Peckar, Peter Smith, Roy Socolow, David Streb, Gray Tuttle, and Susan Weeks.

Substantial funding for the Five Year Action Plan was provided by the Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs through the Massachusetts Watershed Initiative's grant programs. Work on the Five Year Action Plan began under the Nashua River Watershed Association's "Communities Connect by Water" program, which received financial support from the Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs; National Fish & Wildlife Foundation; the NEBS Foundation; the Sudbury Foundation; the Bruce J. Anderson Foundation, and a Federal Clean Water Act Grant with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection's Central Regional Office.

Other partners in funding the "Communities Connected by Water" program included Bemis Associates, Inc.; Bestway of New England, Inc.; Carvers' Guild; The City of Leominster; Gagne Enterprises; General Electric Company/GE Power Systems; Goldsmith, Prest, Ringwall, Inc.; Hollingsworth and Vose Company; Orchard Hills Athletic Club; Pepsi-Cola Bottlers of New England; and Albert Stone. "Communities Connected by Water" also received significant pro bono assistance from individuals and organizations in and beyond the watershed.


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