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The 5 Year Plan - Overview - The Watershed Initiative

In recent years more people have begun to understand the important connection between protecting our natural resources and maintaining good public health and quality of life. We have also begun to understand that protection of these valuable resources requires stewardship that transcends town boundaries; protection must be accomplished watershed by watershed.

The Massachusetts Watershed Initiative (MWI) from 1994-2003 was a broad partnership of state and federal agencies, conservation organizations, businesses, community officials and individuals. Watershed Teams, made up of representatives of governmental agencies and community partners (non-profit organizations, community boards, and businesses), coordinated the watershed protection efforts in each of the 27 major watersheds of Massachusetts.

The purpose of broad stakeholder involvement was to enable Watershed Teams to work with local groups, such as stream teams and community officials, so that local concerns can be recognized as Teams conduct their activities. This kind of partnership between state and local people who care about the quality of the water they use for drinking and recreation is fundamental to a healthy and enjoyable environment for all people in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Watershed Initiative Goals:

  • Healthy Ecosystems and Biological Diversity
  • Clean and Plentiful Water for People and Wildlife
  • Protected Open Space
  • Improve Public Access and Balanced Resource Use
  • Shared Responsibility for Watershed Protection and Management

Through the development and implementation of this 5 Year Action Plan, actions recommended in each of the sub-basins achieve the greater goals as noted above. See the Action Plan Matrix and Sub-Basin Profiles and Maps for specific projects and greater detail.


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