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Nashua River

Total Drainage Area:
538 sq. mi.

MA Total Drainage Area:
454 sq. mi.

NH Total Drainage Area:
74 sq. mi

Total River Length:
56 mi.

Total River Length in MA:
46 mi.

Total Forest Area

Total Residential Area

Total Agricultural Area

Major Tributaries: Squannacook, Nissitissit,
Stillwater, Quinapoxet, North Nashua, and
South Nashua Rivers

Approximate Surface
Area of Lakes, Ponds
and Reservoirs:

6,818 acres

The Nasua River Watershed is comprised of 22 sub-basins. Citizens in the Nashua River watershed depend on these sub-basins for drinking water, recreation, waste removal, and aesthetics. Plants and animals also depend on them.

In order to protect aquatic habitats and waterways from degradation, it is essential that watershed residents understand the connection between land use, water quality, and aquatic habitat.


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