The NRWA Board of Directors and Executive Director hold themselves, and the Association, to the highest standards of governance and accountability, and ensure that the organization is in compliance with all laws applicable to non-profits. It is their goal to further the mission of the NRWA, create a sustainable organization, and maintain the integrity of the Association on behalf of our members, donors, and supporters.

Governance Structure

The Nashua River Watershed Association is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors elected by the Association’s membership at our Annual Meeting. The legal responsibilities of the NRWA Board of Directors are to set policy, approve budgets, hire the Executive Director, and generally oversee the affairs of the organization. The Board has a minimum of seven directors with no maximum. The Board of Directors meets every other month. The Executive Committee fulfills the obligations of the full Board between meeting sessions. The NRWA’s professional Executive Director is responsible for the daily operations of the organization and hiring of staff.

Current NRWA Board of Directors and Staff.

Annual Reports

2018 Annual Report
FY2018 Financial Highlights - unaudited 
FY2018 Balance Sheet- unaudited

NRWA Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws

NRWA Articles of Incorporation
NRWA Bylaws

NRWA Policies

Administrative Policies
Board Member Job Description
Code of Conduct Policy
Conflict of Interest Policy
CORI Policy
Data Security Policy
Document Retention Policy
Investment Policy
Whistleblower Policy 

Program Policies
Conservation Restriction Policy
Dam Removal Policy
Sustainable Water Use Policy 

NRWA Tax Documents

501c3 IRS Tax Exempt Determination Letter 

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NRWA Publications: Online and For Sale

The following publications are available through the NRWA. To obtain any of the hard copy publications or to purchase Publications which are for sale, visit the River Resource Center. 

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NRWA Annual Report
2018 Annual Report
FY2018 Financial Highlights- unaudited
FY2018 Balance Sheet- unaudited

NRWA Newsletters
The NRWA newsletter is mailed bi-monthly to members, free of charge.

2018 Newsletter Fall Issue

2017 Newsletter Issue 1

2015 Newsletter Issue 2
2015 Newsletter Issue 1

2014 Newsletter Issue 1

2013 Newsletter Issue 2
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2012 Newsletter Issue 2
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2011 Newsletter Issue 4
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2011 Newsletter Issue 1

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Other NRWA Publications

1995 to 2020 Vision for the Nashua River Watershed
The 2020 Plan establishes a Vision for the watershed in the next quarter century, with goals and strategies for achieving the Vision. Developed by NRWA with input from watershed communities and many local groups, agencies, and individuals.

Books for Sale

Nashua River Canoe & Kayak Guide
Sixth Edition

Published June 2017

NRWA's newly revised pocket-sized Nashua River Canoe and Kayak Guide provides information on canoe put-ins and take-outs, river hazards like dams and rapids, portages, and mile-by-mile notes for all paddleable segments of the Nashua, Nissitissit, Squannacook, North Nashua, and Stillwater Rivers.  The Guide is full color, 120-pages, spiral bound for easy use, and pocket-sized to fit in your jacket pocket or backpack (4.5” x 6”).  

Price: $16 per Guide (plus shipping and handling if mailed)  Order Online Now.

You can also purchase the Nashua River Canoe and Kayak Guide at Nashoba Paddler in West Groton.

National Geographic's
Written in Water: Messages of Hope for Earth's Most Precious Resource

In 1993, National Geographic chronicled the story of the clean-up of the Nashua River in its special Water edition. Water resources have become increasingly recognized as a top priority for local and international communities around the globe to assess and protect. With that in mind, National Geographic turned to the world's leading water scientists, authors, and activists to share their thoughts and stories of their work to ensure that there will be enough clean water for all in the future. The result was Written in Water: Messages of Hope for Earth's Most Precious Resource, a collection of essays from world leaders in the field of water supply protection and clean water innovations, including NRWA founder, Marion Stoddart. Other essayists, include Alexandra Cousteau, social environmental advocate and granddaughter of legendary marine scientist Jacques Cousteau; Peter Gleick, environmental visionary and winner of a 2003 MacArthur "genius grant"; Bill McKibben, bestselling author and winner of a Guggenheim fellowship; and Sandra Postel, director of the Global Water Policy Project and National Geographic’s first Freshwater Fellow.

Price: $26 (Plus $5.00 shipping and handling if mailed).
Note: $13 of your purchase goes to support the work of the NRWA!

A River Ran Wild
by Lynne Cherry

The true story of the history, the polluting and the clean-up of the Nashua River. Lynne Cherry is the author and/or illustrator of over thirty award-winning books for children. She is also a conservationist whose books are used to launch campaigns to save land, clean up rivers, save forests and help migratory birds.

Price: $17 (Plus $5.00 shipping and handling if mailed).
Note: $6 of your purchase goes to support the work of the NRWA!

The Nashua River Watershed Association River Resource Center - Photo by Kristopher Kvenvold

NRWA River Resource Center

The Nashua River Watershed Association is headquartered at our River Resource Center in Groton, Massachusetts (just one block from the mainstem Nashua River and Petapawag Boat Launch). Map and directions. The River Resource Center houses staff offices, large and small meeting spaces, a collection of wildlife mounts, and the Bill Farnsworth Conservation Clearinghouse. A short self-guided Nature Trail on the property is open to visitors. The trail is less than a half-mile on flat wooded terrain where visitors can view local flora and find signs of local birds and mammals.

Bill Farnsworth Conservation Clearinghouse

Named after one of the NRWA’s founders, the Bill Farnsworth Conservation Clearinghouse provides citizens, watershed planners, local governments, teachers, students, and others access to a wide variety of information about our watershed. The collection of information available includes watershed planning resources, such as by-laws, open space and master plans, historic archives on conservation, resources for educators, audio-visual materials, and materials on recreation in our watershed. The NRWA is in the process of electronically cataloguing the Clearinghouse collection. Those interested in using the Clearinghouse are encouraged to contact the NRWA to make an appointment to do so. Materials must be used on-site, and are not available for check-out.

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40 on Our 40th Awards: NRWA honors 40 individuals on 40th anniversary - Photo by Bob Lotz

NRWA Partners: Strength through Collaboration

The Nashua River Watershed Association’s position as a regional organization allows us to work across town and state boundaries, and to work with groups and individuals focused on land protection, water quality, or environmental education, all in the effort to improve and sustain a healthy quality of life in our communities. One of the Association’s greatest strengths is its ability to form partnerships, gathering together interested stakeholders, government officials, community leaders, educators, and funders, to accomplish both large and small scale projects.

For example, to complete land protection projects, the NRWA has partnered with the Trust for Public Land, The Trustees of Reservations, Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation, the U.S Fish & Wildlife Service, and the U.S. Forest Service, along with local land trusts like the Groton Conservation Trust, North County Land Trust, and Beaver Brook Association. The Association has worked collaboratively with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services, the City of Fitchburg, and sportsmen’s groups like Trout Unlimited and Ducks Unlimited to protect water quality and quantity. When providing environmental education opportunities to youth and adults, NRWA works with public schools in Harvard, Groton, Fitchburg, Nashua, and in many other communities, along with private schools like Applewild School in Fitchburg, and participates in groups such as the Secretary’s Advisory Group on Environmental Education (a group advising the Massachusetts Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs).

On the occasion of our 40th anniversary, the NRWA took the opportunity to honor our partners through our 40 on Our 40th Awards, recognizing 40 individuals who are both worthy of recognition in their own right, and who also represent the scores of individuals and organizations that have worked with the NRWA through the years.

Also supporting the work of the NRWA are our business partners, along with individual members and donors. Your financial support makes our ongoing work possible.

It would be impossible to list the multitude of organizations and individuals who have partnered with and supported the work of the NRWA; we cannot accomplish our mission alone, and we look forward to a future of continued partnerships and collaboration.