A volunteer in NRWA’s Water Monitoring Program tests water samples for dissolved oxygen.

Monitor's Corner

From April through October, field volunteers collect data once a month at over 44 streamside sites throughout the watershed. The NRWA partners with two laboratories- the Devens Wastewater Treatment Facility operated by United Water and the Pepperell Wastewater Treatment Plant. Lab volunteers, lab staff, and the NRWA staff analyze the samples for E. coli bacteria and dissolved oxygen. Temperature, conductivity, and stream characteristics are recorded by volunteers in the field. Nutrients, like nitrogen and phosphorus, are analyzed when funding is available. In both the field and the lab, quality control procedures are followed according to the NRWA's water quality monitoring Quality Assurance Project Plan. Each month a River Report Card is created highlighting water conditions. For more details like the monitoring schedule, directions to the labs, and the Volunteer Manual, use the Quick Links at the top left of this page.

NRWA’s Water Monitoring Program would not be possible without the generous donation of space and assistance from our partners, the Pepperell Wastewater Treatment Plant, and the Devens Wastewater Treatment Facility operated by United Water. We are very grateful for their help.