The NRWA Board of Directors and Executive Director hold themselves, and the Association, to the highest standards of governance and accountability, and ensure that the organization is in compliance with all laws applicable to non-profits. It is their goal to further the mission of the NRWA, create a sustainable organization, and maintain the integrity of the Association on behalf of our members, donors, and supporters.

Governance Structure

The Nashua River Watershed Association is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors elected by the Association’s membership at our Annual Meeting. The legal responsibilities of the NRWA Board of Directors are to set policy, approve budgets, hire the Executive Director, and generally oversee the affairs of the organization. The Board has a minimum of seven directors with no maximum. The Board of Directors meets every other month. The Executive Committee fulfills the obligations of the full Board between meeting sessions. The NRWA’s professional Executive Director is responsible for the daily operations of the organization and hiring of staff.

Current NRWA Board of Directors and Staff.

Annual Reports

2018 Annual Report
FY2018 Financial Highlights - unaudited 
FY2018 Balance Sheet- unaudited

NRWA Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws

NRWA Articles of Incorporation
NRWA Bylaws

NRWA Policies

Administrative Policies
Board Member Job Description
Code of Conduct Policy
Conflict of Interest Policy
CORI Policy
Data Security Policy
Document Retention Policy
Investment Policy
Whistleblower Policy 

Program Policies
Conservation Restriction Policy
Dam Removal Policy
Sustainable Water Use Policy 

NRWA Tax Documents

501c3 IRS Tax Exempt Determination Letter