Studying aquatic insects during an NRWA field trip – Photo by Stacey Chilcoat

NRWA Field Trips and Field Studies

NRWA offers a series of environmental education field trips for schools and other groups throughout the watershed. River Classroom®, our ever popular canoe-based program, uses two spectacular “outdoor classroom” sections on our local waterways. The NRWA River Resource Center, located within walking distance to the Nashua River and extensive conservation land trails, allows for both river and forest ecosystem investigations. We also make use of the Williams Barn Conservation Site to lead programs on field and forest ecosystems, animal tracking, or wildlife and plant adaptations. Many of our programs can be adapted for properties close to schools as well. Our staff also works with scout groups to tailor field trips and field studies to fit well with badge requirements.

Whether you’re leading a school, homeschool, scout, or other youth group, NRWA’s professional staff can create a field trip or field study for your specific needs. For more information, please contact Stacey Chilcoat, NRWA River Classroom Director, at (978) 448-0299, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..